Company & Technology History​

RevitalVision represents a new category in vision improvement with a non-invasive technology that enhances eyesight neurologically.
This computer based neural vision therapy (NVT) is clinically and scientifically proven to improve the vision outcomes for amblyopic adults, post-cataract, post-refractive (LASIK), presbyopia, night vision, adult low near sighted (myopic), sports vision patients and low vision caused by various pathologies.

The NVT technology was originally developed in Israel where the company was established in 1999. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitored a prospective masked controlled study of this technology and FDA 510(K) approval was given in August 2001.

The company, a Delaware "C" corporation, relocated to Singapore in 2004 under the company name NeuroVision, Inc. due to government interest in the treatment of pediatric myopia in the Asian Pacific Region. This technology has treated more than 12,000 patients in Europe, the US, and Asia, with little or no regression. It has established a US headquarters in Lawrence, Kansas. In 2009, NeuroVision was purchased by RevitalVision LLC, and operations were relocated to the United States in Kansas City, Kansas.

The technology has successfully conducted US clinical trials which replicate the international results. The company's studies have been published in multiple peer reviewed scientific publications.


In 2015 the technology and intellectual property was purchased by Talshir Medical Technologies Ltd, an Israel based corporation.