​RevitalVision's Training System​

RevitalVision Training System

The RevitalVision training system is interactive web based computer software that provides a series of individualized visual stimuli which are designed to enhance the neural interactions in the visual cortex. Each training session lasts for approximately 30 minutes, during which the patient needs to respond to visual perception tasks (VPTs) displayed on the computer screen. During the session the patient sits 5 feet away from a monitor in a darkened room and a mouse is used to respond to the tasks. Because the program is web based, the training is designed to be conducted at home.


Vision therapy time:

The therapy is typically conducted at a pace of 3 training sessions a week over a course of 2 to 3 months and is completed after 30-40 sessions. Before starting the 30 training sessions, patients complete 2 computerized evaluation sessions with the system to setup the baseline of individualized neural inefficiencies for the training program. This baseline information is used by the RevitalVision algorithms, together with the baseline examination results, to set the starting point for the training sessions.

The VPTs are patient-specific stimuli using Gabor patches displayed in lateral masking techniques directed to enhance specific neuronal inefficiencies in the visual cortex. During each treatment session, the patient at the clinic/investigative site is exposed to visual images displayed on a computer monitor.


In a typical task, the patient is exposed to two consecutive displays in random order. Each display has some arrangement of Gabor patches with subtle difference between the two displays. The patient interactively communicates with the computer using a mouse. During the session, some data that reflects patient's performance is recorded. The patient is required to identify the correct display as determined by the instructions for the specific task. If the patient answers correctly, the target contrast will be reduced and the task will become more difficult. Incorrect answers will trigger the program in increase the contrast and the task becomes easier.

During each treatment session, the patient is exposed to visual images displayed on a computer monitor.

The patient interactively communicates with the computer using a mouse. After each training session, the patient performance in each of the VPTs is recorded and sent via internet to the RevitalVision servers. Special algorithms then analyze the patient performance and accordingly create the VPT parameters for the next training session. In this manner patients receive training sessions that are individually tailored to their performance and neuronal inefficiencies. The RevitalVision treatment System is a software-based, interactive system tailored and continuously adaptive to the individual patient's learning and improvement. RevitalVision uses the internet as a distribution media, which allows the company to provide this personalized interactive service to a practically unlimited number of treatment locations. Some patients are required by the software algorithms to use training glasses during the sessions. These were -0.5D or -1.0D in power and in the form of eyeglasses for low myopes and emmetropic presbyopes or clip-on glasses for ammetropic presbyopes.