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amblyopia treatment

Amblyopia Therapy


The program is indicated for amblyopic adults age 9 and up, with best corrected vision between 20/30 and 20/200, there is no limitation on refraction. Eye deviation should not exceed 8° prism diopter.


The goal of the amblyopia program is to improve best corrected vision (to see better with contact lenses or glasses)     


cataract surgery recovery

Post-Cataract Therapy


Designed to enhance the results of cataract surgery. The program is especially recommended to patients who find it difficult to adjust to the new vision post surgically, to patients suffering from reduced contrast sensitivity and difficulties in seeing at night. The goal of the post cataract program is to improve vision quality and to shorten the neuro-adaptation period in a fast and effective manner.

low vision therapy

Low Vision Therapy


The program is suitable for people suffering from different eye diseases (such as retinal, corneal, nystagmus and more...) age 9 and up, with stable vision, and with best corrected vision up to 20/200. There is no limitation on refraction.


The goal of the program is to enable better vision and better visual function despite the eye disease


read without glasses



The program is indicated for people age 40-55 who just started the need for reading glasses, or already started using reading glasses in the past year. With Addition up to +1.5 and with uncorrected near vision acuity between Jaeger 1-5.  


The goal of the presbyopia program is to delay the need for reading glasses in 4-5 years

laser vision correction

Post-LASIK Therapy


Designed to fine-tune the results of LASIK and other refractive surgeries. (Can be done any time after surgery). The program is especially recommended for those who experience vision regression, reduction in contrast sensitivity, or side effects such as blur, glare, halo and starburst. The goal of the program is to improve vision and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses. 


low myopia

Low Myopia


The program is indicated for short sighted people, with stable refraction up to -1.5 diopter and -0.75 cylinder. Uncorrected distance visual acuity  between 20/25 - 20/60.


The goal of the program is to improve uncorrected distance vision and to reduce the need for glasses.


Sports vision:

The program is indicated for people with normal vision - 20/20 with or without reading glasses, who are interested in better vision.

The program is recommended for professional athletes, or other professionals who need to optimize their visual performance.



Night vision:

or people experiencing difficulties in seeing at night or in dim light. The goal of the program is to improve contrast sensitivity back to normal range and improve night vision. 



What can be achieved?

According to the clinical literature and the commercial experience, more than 85% of the patients who completed the program experienced significant vision improvement.

The average improvement is 2.5 lines on the visual acuity test chart, and 100% in contrast sensitivity.

Most amblyopic patients also experience significant improvement is stereo vision (binocular vision).   


The vision improvement in most cases is long lasting, with no need for additional training. 


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