About us

Talshir Medical Technologies Ltd, is the global owner and marketer of RevitalVision technology. The company develops and manufacture a unique patented training software, which improves brain visual processing, resulting in long lasting vision improvement.


RevitalVision technology addresses the needs of hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffering from different visual impairments and who, until now, had no effective alternative solution to improve their condition.


About Revitalvision:

RevitalVision (previously Neurovision) is the only clinically proven (with RCT’s) and FDA approved therapy with efficacy claim for improving vision in adult amblyopia, effecting 2%-5% of the world population. Amblyopia is the number 1 cause for impaired vision from infancy until the age of 40 and is considered untreatable after the age of 9.


The technology is also effective in improving vision in a number of other visual impairments and conditions. RevitalVision provides additional significant vision improvement beyond what is currently available by only treating the eyes. The average vision improvement is 2.5 lines on the visual acuity chart, and 100% in contrast sensitivity (about 20% - 25% vision improvement). Most amblyopic patients also improve stereo acuity and binocular function.


We are a team of experts from the medical and software industry, working closely with ophthalmologists, optometrists and neuro-scientists worldwide.


We are now focusing efforts in testing the efficacy of RevitalVision on different types of eye disease and visual impairments. We have a strong commitment to the science of improving vision and helping people throughout the world regain and maintain their eyesight.