RevitalVision's breakthrough technology is the only clinically proven and FDA-cleared therapy with an efficacy claim for improving vision in adult amblyopia, affecting 2%-5% of the world's population.
Amblyopia is the leading cause of impaired vision from infancy to age 40 and is considered untreatable after age 9. Additionally, our technology effectively improves vision in various other visual impairments and conditions.

RevitalVision offers significant vision improvement beyond what is achievable by solely treating the eyes. On average, patients experience a 2.5-line improvement on the visual acuity chart and a 100% increase in contrast sensitivity (equivalent to a 20%-25% vision improvement). Most amblyopic patients also see improvements in stereo acuity and binocular function.

Our team consists of medical experts and multidisciplinary professionals who collectively address the needs of hundreds of millions worldwide suffering from different visual impairments. Until now, these individuals had no effective alternative solutions to improve their condition.

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