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man after cataract surgery and woman drive a car

Glare Problems After Cataract Surgery

What causes glare problems after cataract surgery? A healthy lens in a normal eye is clear. The lens…

Man post cataract surgery do eye examination

after cataract surgery

What should I expect after cataract surgery? Cataract is a safe and successful procedure. Within several days after…

post cataract vision at night on road

 Cataract Vision At Night

 Cataract Vision At Night With age, the proteins inside your lens can clump together turning the lens from…

man post cataract surgery on motocycle

Cloudy Lens After Cataract Surgery

Cloudy Lens After Cataract Surgery Cloudy lens after cataract surgery usually occurs as a result of PCO or…

woman reading after Cataract Surgery

Blurred Vision 2 Years After Cataract Surgery

Over the past several decades there have been many advances in the equipment and techniques of the performance…

woman after catarct surgery

Cataract Surgery Aftercare

Cataract surgery is one of the most common, successful and safe ocular procedures being performed. Despite the low…

man reading a book experience common symptoms after cataract surgery

Blurriness After Cataract Surgery

Cloudy vision and other symptoms cause people to undergo cataract surgery. It is especially important to understand what to…

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