Eye Exercise

Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

RevitalVision are Eye Exercises designed to improve eyesight in patients suffering from a broad range of eye conditions and diseases.

RevitalVision eye exercises are a non-invasive vision rehabilitation method to improve visual acuity and contrast sensitivity by activating the vision area of the brain.  This method differs from the visual therapy of eye muscle exercises which train the patient to use his eye muscles correctly by acquiring new visual skills through the strengthening and relaxation of eye muscles.

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RevitalVision Unique Eye Exercises for vision rehabilitation

RevitalVision Eye Exercises are designed to improve contrast sensitivity and visual acuity in cases where other methods have not been sufficiently successful.  (Such examples would include Lazy Eye in adults, enhancing vision after cataract surgery, improving low vision, enhancing vision after Lasik, better vision without reading glasses or distance glasses.)

Personalized Effective Eye Exercise to Improve Vision

RevitalVision eye exercises treats blurred vision and improve eyesight. It is designed according to the needs of each individual based on specific stimulation. Gabor patches which stimulate specific areas in the brain so that it can maximize its efficiency from the information received from the eye.  These exercises are practiced at home in front of the computer and last approximately 30 minutes, under the supervision of an optometrist or ophthalmologist.  More than 85% of patients who were candidates for this treatment and completed its course improved their visual acuity by 2.5 rows and showed 100% improvement in their contrast sensitivity.

Revitalvision eye exercises train the brain to see better without the use of medications, without the necessity of surgery and with no side effects. These eye exercises have proven their efficacy clinically and scientifically in improving visual acuty and contrast sensitivity.

RevitalVision vision training system improve vision without surgery. Press on the home button to choose the specific vision improvement program that you need.


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