Amblyopia Treatment Adults

Amblyopia Treatment Adults 

Amblyopia is one of the leading causes of vision loss in children around the world. The most effective treatment is during childhood although amblyopia treatment adults is available.

Amblyopia is a failure of the normal development of the vision-sensing portions of the brain due to different reasons. Although this occurs during childhood, amblyopia treatment adults may be effective if needed.

Vision in the Amblyopic eye can continue to decrease with time, if left untreated. The brain pays less attention and ignores the visual image which is received by the Lazy eye. Eventually, when the condition stabilizes, the brain does not use that eye for any input of information, resulting in impaired visual acuity and possibly other vision deficiencies. Developing amblyopia during adulthood is uncommon.

Symptoms of amblyopia include one or all of the following: squinting, shutting one eye and a head tilt.

Often, the parents are not aware of the fact that their child is suffering from Lazy eye. Since the symptoms are not always clear and the child is not aware that he is seeing abnormally he will not complain and the parents do not realize an abnormality is present in the child’s visual development.

Therefore, it it’s important for all kids between ages 3 and 5 to go through a screening vision test at least one time. By a simple, quick and easy test the optometrist could learn a lot about the child’s vision and advise for treatment which will prevent impaired vision and save the child’s visual development.

Lazy eye influences day to day activities and may limit occupational and leisure activities. Therefore, amblyopia treatment for  adults is necessary when a lazy eye is present at adulthood in order to achieve better visual acuity. People who are suffering from Lazy eye and were not treated in childhood for amblyopia should seek RevitalVision for amblyopia treatment for adults. RevitalVision is a unique treatment which results in improved visual acuity and contrast sensitivity in addition to better depth perception.

Revitalvision exercises consist of 30 sessions which last approximately 30 minutes each and are done under the supervision of an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

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