Tips for post cataract surgery

May 27, 2018

Cataract surgery recovery time

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Post Cataract Surgery

Vision post cataract surgery improves within a few days and clear vision is restored.

Many people suffer from difficulty adjusting to the clear vision after cataract surgery. Neural adaptation is the process that takes place as the brain adapts to changes in the visual information as a result of the clear lens which was implanted during the surgery and influences the optical system.

These difficulties include difficulty reading after cataract surgery, night vision after cataract surgery, eye strain after cataract surgery. These symptoms usually disappear after an adjustment period ranging from a few weeks to many months.

Exercise after Cataract surgery

Revital vision is a method which improves post cataract symptoms and help to adjust to the new vision, by influencing the vision processing ability in the brain. This goal is reached by Revitalvision eye exercises, practiced at home in front of the computer. These last approximately 30 minutes and are done under the supervision of an optometrist or ophthalmologist. RevitalVision therapy is clinically and scientifically based.

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Tips for post cataract surgery

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