Halos around lights after cataract surgery

Halos around lights after cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is a procedure in which the cloudy lens is switched with an artificial lens (IOL). Halos around lights after cataract surgery can be a side effect of the new artificial lens. This type of experience is normal may last for a few days and will disappear gradually until completely gone. Dry eyes and blurry vision are symptoms which may occur in addition to halos around lights after cataract surgery.

Although these are common side effects, a close follow up with the surgeon is important to achieve comfortable vision.

Cataract surgery aftercare may include the RevitalVision post cataract program for vision improvement. The RevitalVision program is composed of 30 training sessions done at home on your own computer. RevitalVision is based on brain science. The program improves vision by enhancing the brain’s visual processing. No additional surgery or drugs are needed.

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