About RevitalVision Training Program






Proven Results

Thousands of customers and clinical trial participants who have completed the program have experienced improved eyesight and quality of life. On average, vision improves by two and a half lines on an eye chart after completing RevitalVision. 

30 exercises

Completed at home on a computer

30 minutes

 an average  each of the 30-40 sessions

3-4 times per week

for about ten weeks


 vision is long lasting


to your pace and visual ability


monitored by your eye doctor or by a certified optometrist

Which Program is Right For You?​

eye exercises to improve vision

RevitalVision Scientific Background 


Human’s quality of vision is determined by 2 factors:

  • Eye’s image capturing
  • Brain’s image processing

Blurred vision from the eyes can be improved by enhancing brain visual processing.


Based on science created by Nobel Prize winner Dennis Gabor, followed by more than two decades of scientific and clinical research lead by Prof Uri Polat. RevitalVision is the only clinically proven and FDA approved therapy for adult amblyopia. It is also clinically proven to improve vision in many other visual impairments and conditions.


Through repetitive practice of precise visual tasks, the brain is trained to be more efficient and to improve visual processing. RevitalVision's specialized algorithms analyze performance and continuously adjust the training sessions to substantially improve vision.​


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