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Vision training software program, clinically and scientifically proven to improve vision in adult amblyopia, eye diseases and vision impairments

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Lazy Eye / Amblyopia

Lazy Eye / Amblyopia

Read Without Glasses

Read Without Glasses

Post Cataract Surgery

Post Cataract Surgery

Low Myopia

Low Myopia

Sports Vision

Sports Vision

After Lasik

After Lasik

Eye Diseases /
Low Vision

Eye Diseases / Low Vision


Using Brain Science to Outdo Results

Human’s quality of vision depends on 2 factors:
  • Eye’s image capturing
  • Brain’s image processing
While the entire eye care industry focuses on correcting the eyes/ bending lights, RevitalVision focuses solely the brain’s visual processing.
Blurred vision from the eyes can be improved by enhancing the brain’s visual processing. Using Gabor patches with patented stimulation technique, we facilitate neural connections at the cortical level, to stimulate specific neurons in the visual cortex and create new neural connection at the synapse level for long lasting vision improvement.

The only FDA approved for adult amblyopia age 9+


Personalized Visual Stimulation with Artificial Intelligence

Long Lasting Results

Long Lasting Results
No Need to Repeat


From the Comfort of Your Home

Improves Vision

Improves Vision Beyond Surgery and Optical Corrections

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Yair Nahon- Congenital Nystagmus

"This is the only thing I feel that really
works - it’s like magic"

Nurit Shimron, Stargardt disease

"This has made a big change in the
quality of my life, and for that,
I am very thankful for this program"

Avi Lev, Post Cataract

"I couldn't believe it. It was revolutionary! It is truly amazing.
I recommend it to everyone after cataract surgery.
Don't think twice, it's worth it"

Aviram Cohen - Lazy Eye

"I wanted to say to all those people
who were told that there's no treatment
to improve their lazy eye, go do it!
this treatment really works! period!"

Yarden - Congenital Nystagmus

"Thankfully RevitalVision has proven that its software is effective, and truly helps,
and for me, it made my dream a reality."

Eitan - Low Myopia

"My quality of life improved drastically, it completely changed my life"

Lizzi- Post Lasik

"That's what I wanted, to see better without glasses, and I did it! my dream came true"

Ophir - Lazy Eye

"When I read some small print, then I understood this treatment actually works. The results are very very good.

Stephen Kohn- Post Cataract

"After finishing the routine, my vision is
HDTV, everything is perfectly clear"

Gary Williams- Post Cataract

"I’m so appreciative of the fact that I no longer have to wear glasses after 63 years"

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler

"That’s really revolutionary.
This non-invasive program significantly improves people's ability to read. We see permanent long-term type change!"

Prof. Yair Morad- Amblyopia

"RevitalVision treatment can really improve the vision of adults with lazy eye".

Dr John Hunnkler Post Cataract

Former president of the American Association for Cataract and Refractive surgery, talks about his experience with RevitalVision improving vision for Post Cataract IOL patients.

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