Blurred vision after Cataract surgery​

June 28, 2018

Blurred vision after Cataract surgery​

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Cataract surgery is the most common surgery performed in the united states every year. It is a highly successful procedure with few complications, if complications do evolve, most are minor and treatable. 98% of cataract patients experience vision improvement after surgery (in case no other eye conditions present)

What causes blurred vision after Cataract surgery?

Many patients suffer from difficulty adjusting to the clear vision after cataract surgery.Complications after cataract surgery such as PCO-posterior capsule opacity, may result in blurred vision.Posterior capsule opacity which is referred to as secondary cataract is when the capsule, which holds the lens, develops cloudiness, and may result in blurry vision or haziness.

Furthermore, the difficulty to see well after cataract surgery may result from the reduction in contrast sensitivity, which is very common after cataract surgery. The difficulty to see well is associated with the need of the brain to adjust to the new lens and vision, this adjustment process is known as neuro-adaptation.

 The reduction in contrast sensitivity is especially common in patients with multifocal IOL,which is designed with more than one focal point to fit different distances. This structure, challenges different neurons in the visual cortex, responsible for processing different areas, resulting in low contrast sensitivity.

After Cataract surgery symptoms

It is common for patients, in the weeks or months after cataract surgery to experience blurred vision, haziness, glare, difficulty driving at night as a result of glare of upcoming head lights, reduced contrast sensitivity (especially common in patients with multifocal IOL’s)which results in difficulty seeing spots on clothes, counters or dishes, trouble recognizing facial gestures, needing additional light to read and experiencing tired eyes while watching television.

About the Post Cataract program

RevitalVision post cataract program is composed of 30 training sessions done at home on your computer. During these exercises your brain is trained to see better and experience improved vision without additional surgery, drugs or side-effects. Each training session takes 30 minutes on average, customized to your pace and visual ability.

Buying the program online

RevitalVision treatment is clinically proven to improve blurred vision post-cataract surgery.

Patients who find it difficult to adjust following cataract surgery can shorten their adaptation period in a fast and effective manner. Significant vision improvement is expected just 1 month after starting the program.

To learn how to improve  vision after cataract surgery click here
post cataract surgery

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blurred vision after cataract surgery


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