Can you drive with nystagmus

January 22, 2021

Driving in many areas in the world is a key to independence. Teenagers who cannot drive because of vision impairment depend on their parents and others for mobility.
Therefore, it is understandable that teenagers suffering from Nystagmus are likely to ask the inevitable question: Can you drive with nystagmus?
It is a known fact that teenagers are generally eager to learn to drive, though adolescent development suggests that they are not always ready to drive by the age of 16. Having a visual impairment adds to the complexity of the subject.
Unfortunately, Nystagmus has no cure, but getting a prescription for the correct glasses which may include prisms might improve vision and provide the patient with the visual acuity necessary for driving.
Can you drive with nystagmus? This depends on the visual acuity the individual is able to reach. Turning to RevitalVision can provide improved vision. By completing the RevitalVision program you may result in an average improvement of up to 150% in contrast sensitivity and a significant increase in visual acuity.

Nystagmus Treatment

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