Common symptoms after Cataract surgery​

June 28, 2018

Cataract surgery recovery is usually  short and uneventful though there are symptoms which are common after surgery.

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Post Cataract Surgery


Patients will often describe having a lot of glare, feeling as though they’ve been wearing sunglasses before, and now everything seems too bright, this includes night driving, trouble seeing traffic lights and glare from the headlights of upcoming cars. Factors affecting– the opacity of the cataract was filtering out a lot of the light while the clear transparent lens allows more of the light in, which results in the sensation of glare. Treatment– Passing time will induce recovery of glare.

Dry eye symptoms

Dry eye-associated symptoms, such as foreign body sensation and fatigue, frequently occur after cataract surgery. Affected patients may experience red or watery eyes and constant foreign body sensation. Lesions such as superficial punctate keratitis and epithelial defects may be seen on the cornea. Factors affecting- There are many factors that might affect the ocular surface environment after cataract surgery. Topical anesthesia and eye drops containing preservatives are known to have effects on the corneal epithelium. Exposure to light from the operating microscope might also be associated with postoperative dry eye. Most corneal surgical procedures disrupt the normal organization of the corneal innervation, which results in dry eyes. Treatment– using lubricant eye drops and passing time will induce recovery of the dry eyes.

Difference in perception of color in the eye that has undergone treatment

Many patients notice this difference in color perception. Patients may notice a purple hue in their vision for a couple of days post cataract as well. Factors affecting– During surgery the pupil is dilated and normally takes time for the pupil to dissipate. Difference in perception of color comes as a side effect of the after-image from the microscope light during surgery.Treatment– with time the vision will recover.

Tired eyes

Tiredness of the eye. Factors affecting– the healing process, dry eyes or not having the final glasses RX. Treatment- Relieving this problem may include using lubricant eye drops and getting an up to date Rx. With time symptoms will reduce.

Difficulty seeing small details, spots on clothes and facial gestures

Many Patients may feel difficulty seeing spots on clothes, or dishes and trouble recognizing facial gestures. Affecting factors– a reduction in contrast sensitivity. The difficulty in seeing well is also associated with the need of the brain to adjust to the new lens and vision, this adjustment process is known as neuro-adaptation. Treatment – exercises to enhance neuro adaptation.

RevitalVision treatment helps to adjust to the new vision by improving contrast sensitivity post cataract surgery, by over 150% on average, and by influencing the vision processing ability in the brain. This goal is reached by Revitalvision computer-based training, practiced at home using your own computer. Each training is approx. 30 minutes.  RevitalVision treatment is scientifically and clinically based.

To learn how to improve vision after cataract surgery click here
Post Cataract Surgery

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