What should I expect after cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures available, with a high rate of success. Within days of the cataract surgery, most patients notice an improvement in vision.

Though some complications may occur, these are rare. However, these complications may lead to significant visual loss after cataract surgery and require close follow-up with your doctor.
A common reason for blurry vision after cataract surgery is reduced contrast sensitivity, which is the ability to discriminate between similar shades, for example defining objects without clear outlines. Contrast sensitivity is an important factor influencing the quality of vision. Reduced contrast sensitivity is a common reason for visual complaints, despite normal visual acuity, after cataract surgery.

RevitalVision is clinically proven to improve blurred vision after cataract surgery

Patients who find it difficult to adjust following cataract surgery can shorten their adaptation period in a fast and effective manner. Significant vision improvement is expected just 1 month after starting the program.

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