Amblyopia In Adults

Amblyopia In Adults

Amblyopia is the most common form of impairment of vision affecting one eye, with a prevalence of about 1–5% of the total world population. Amblyopia in adults is caused by abnormal visual experience during the early years of childhood.
Amblyopia in adults results in dramatic loss of visual acuity in an apparently healthy eye.
Visual deprivation or ocular abnormalities during early years of life can result in long-term or even permanent damage to the vision. This period during the early years of life (up to age 7-9) is called the critical age. Treating amblyopia during these years will achieve best results.
It was accepted in the past that, due to a lack of sufficient plasticity within the brain, amblyopia in adults is untreatable. However, recent studies show that rehabilitation and recovery from amblyopia in the adult brain is achievable even after the critical age due to plasticity of the brain.
Amblyopia in adults is treatable using optometric strategies boosting brain plasticity which may allow vision improvement in amblyopia in adults.
Revitalvision is a unique treatment for amblyopia in adults, since it is the only treatment available for children over the age of 9 and adults, well after the end of the critical period .Revitalvision eye exercises stimulate specific areas in the brain and take advantage of the plasticity of the brain in adults, leading to improvement of the visual acuity. These exercises last approximately 30 minutes each and are done under the supervision of an optometrist or ophthalmologist. More than 85% of patients who were candidates for this treatment and completed its course improved their visual acuity by 2.5 rows on the vision chart and showed 100% improvement in their contrast sensitivity.

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