Blurred vision after cataract surgery reasons

Firstly, blood vessels in the retina may leak. As fluid collects in the eye, it results in blurry vision. The Treatment will be with eye drops, and it could take weeks or months to heal.
Swelling of the retina may also result in foggy vision after cataract surgery, within several days of the cataract surgery, most patients notice an improvement in vision. Since blurred vision after cataract surgery is a common complication, it requires close follow-up with your doctor. One of the reasons for foggy vision after cataract surgery is PCO (Posterior capsule opacification) which is a result of cells remaining after cataract surgery that grow over the back of the lens capsule, causing it to thicken and become slightly opaque thus leading to a cloudy lens. In the case of a cloudy lens after cataract surgery or other common eye diseases, RevitalVision offers an excellent opportunity to improve vision. Post cataract surgery  RevitalVision exercises affect the vision processing ability in the brain and improve vision. The program is composed of 30 training sessions done at home on your computer. RevitalVision therapy is clinically and scientifically based. Feel free to contact RevitalVision for more information and learn more about how you can get much-needed help to improve your vision.

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