Blurred vision following cataract surgery

Blurred vision following cataract surgery

Cataract is a simple procedure and one of the most common surgeries around the world. Blurred vision following cataract surgery is a common side effect that usually disappears within a short while.

Most doctors avoid operating both eyes on the same day. This, in order to ease symptoms such as blurred vision following cataract surgery in both eyes simultaneously.
There are differences of opinions regarding the issue of operating simultaneously on both eyes.

Studies show that simultaneous bilateral (both eyes) cataract surgery does not lead to an increased incidence of complications. The goals of the surgery such as visual acuity are met, and patients are pleased with the results. Furthermore, studies show that there were no complications that could be attributed to the procedure being done bilaterally. Going through cataract surgery on both eyes simultaneously on the same day by experienced surgeons is likely to be a safe and efficient procedure and is positively received by patients.
Bilateral cataract surgery results in shorter wait times for cataract surgery.

In conclusion, despite all the above, the decision of having a simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery is individual. If one feels that dealing with side effects such as blurred vision following cataract surgery or any other side effect of the surgery in both eyes simultaneously is too challenging it is important to make the correct decision regarding the timing of the surgery.

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