Can nystagmus go away?

Can nystagmus go away? 

Nystagmus, also known as the “dancing eye syndrome,” is characterized by unusual eye movements. Can nystagmus go away? As of now, there is no known cure for nystagmus, but there are treatments which can make living with the condition easier.
The physical characteristic of nystagmus can create social challenges for the patient. The rapid eye movement causes the patient to seem to have an abnormal appearance. This may cause others to feel that the person is ignoring them, since they are struggling to make eye contact.

Many ask, can nystagmus go away? Unfortunately, there is no treatment which can eliminate the condition although different methods are available for making the situation bearable.
Since Nystagmus is widely misunderstood by society, patients tend to struggle socially and professionally. Nystagmus may create confidence and self-esteem issues, as the patient struggles to appear “normal”.

Bringing attention to the condition and investing in education can help society understand the situation and be more acceptable.
RevitalVision which improves vision may possibly help patients suffering from nystagmus, RevitalVision program is approved by the FDA and each treatment is planned individually in order to improve vision.

Nystagmus treatment

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