Difficulty adjusting after cataract surgery

Why do I have difficulty adjusting after cataract surgery?

Most people adjust very easily to vision post cataract surgery, though some people have difficulty adjusting after cataract surgery due to anisometropia. (imbalance between the eyes).
Usually the doctor will operate on one eye at a time, this may leave your eyes out of balance with one another until the second eye is ready to be operated on.
Patients with an imbalance between their eyes will often experience double vision , different sized images in each eye , difficulty with 3D vision ,problems with balance which can increase the risk of falls and a general feeling of difficulty adjusting after cataract surgery. In some cases, this situation will be resolved after a few days, in other cases the symptoms may last until the other eye is operated on and the vision will be balanced.
These symptoms can be helped by changing the lenses in your glasses to a more fitting prescription between the two surgeries, If you usually wear contact lenses, these symptoms can be avoided by continuing to wear the contact lens in the eye that has not had surgery yet.
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