How long are eyes gritty after cataract surgery

How long are eyes gritty after cataract surgery ?

For a few days, post cataract surgery, your eyes may be itchy and sensitive to light. How long are eyes gritty after cataract surgery is personal but it will usually last for a number of days.
Since the eye is sensitive after surgery, itching may harm the eye, therefor the doctor may prescribe drops and an eye shield or glasses for protection and healing.
Many patients ask how long eyes are gritty after cataract surgery since this is a common complication after cataract operation. Using artificial tears is essential in such cases. 87% of cataract patients use artificial tears one-month post cataract surgery.

The type of cataract surgery may also have an impact on the severity of dry eye symptoms the patient experiences.
Since dry eyes may affect vision it is recommended to check out the RevitalVision post cataract program. The program consists of exercises that affect the vision processing ability in the brain thus improving vision.

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