Glare Problems After Cataract Surgery

What causes glare problems after cataract surgery?

learn how to improve  vision post cataract surgery 

A healthy lens in a normal eye is clear.The lens brings the light rays to focus on the retina which is a light sensitive membrane in the back of the eye.For the image to appear clear on the retina, the volume of the eye in front the retina must be clear, including the lens which is transparent.If the lens is cloudy due to a cataract, the image on the retina will not be focused, creating a foggy image.Furthermore, an opaque lens filters out a lot of light, so as a consequence of the new implanted lenses the patient might face glare problems after cataract surgery.
Before the removal of the cataract the cloudy lens functioned as a filter. This filter is similar to sunglasses preventing strong light from reaching the retina.Therefore, glare problems after cataract surgery are common.Colors may seem brighter as well since you are looking through a new clear lens.You can expect glare problems after cataract surgery to improve within a few days.The retina receives the light rays, converts the light into neural signals, and sends these signals to the brain for visual processing.

RevitalVision exercises, affects the vision processing ability in the brain, thus improving vision. Post cataract eye exercises are practiced at home in front of the computer while each Revitalvision practice lasts about 30 minutes

learn how to improve  vision post cataract surgery 


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