Improving Vision in a Cone-Rod Dystrophy Patient – A Case Report

This case report demonstrates remarkable vision improvement in a 26-year-old male with cone-rod dystrophy.
The patient who used to hold a formal certificate for the blind and visually impaired, can now legally drive after reaching functional vision.

Report Summary:
Born with cone-rod dystrophy and high myopia, the patient experienced loss of vision symptoms in childhood, which gradually increased, leading to 6/38(20/125) in BCVA and a visually impaired certificate.

Following a baseline vision exam, the patient started the RevitalVision home-based vision-training program, and returned to the clinic for a follow-up exam every 20 training sessions. The patient trained binocularly with CL.

RE -15.00D
LE -14.00D

BCVA at baseline
RE – 6/45 / 20/160
LE – 6/38 (-1) / 20/125-1

BCVA after 20 sessions:
RE – 6/30 / 20/100
LE – 6/30 / 20/100

BCVA after 40 sessions:
RE – 6/24  / 20/80
LE – 6/19 (-1) 20/63-1

BCVA after 60 sessions:
RE – 6/19 (-2) / 20/63-2
LE – 6/15 (-1) / 20/50-1

Following an exceptional improvement of 4 VA lines, the patient was fitted with low vision aid – 9% magnifying glasses (MD Comfort Multilens), which enabled him to reach 6/12 (20/40) functional vision, legal to drive.

Dozens of clinical studies demonstrated an average improvement of 2+ VA lines with the RevitalVision program. This case report demonstrate an extreme improvement above the average. The combination of extraordinary vision improvement with RevitalVision, and the right vision aid made the impossible possible!

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