Case Report- Improving Vision in Three Stable Keratoconus Patients



This series case report presents the clinical outcomes of three patients with stable keratoconus, who underwent the RevitalVision therapy program.

is a degenerative eye disease characterized by the thinning and bulging of the cornea into a cone shape, resulting in irregular astigmatism and visual distortion. Treatments of Keratoconus focus on stopping the progression of the disease and stabilizing the cornea. Dedicated firm CL, or scleral lenses are used to provide optimal correction to the irregular cornea shape to maximize vision. Despite effective treatments, keratoconus patients may still experience poor, or insufficient best-corrected vision.

RevitalVision is a home-based perceptual-learning vision-training software program, clinically proven to improve vision by enhancing the brain’s visual processing. Several randomized controlled studies (1) have proven its efficacy in improving visual functions in amblyopia beyond the critical age, and in a variety of eye diseases and visual impairments, including low myopia, nystagmus, and albinism. A recently published RCT (2) demonstrated the efficacy of the software in improving vision in patients with amblyopia secondary to keratoplasty.




Following a baseline vision exam, the patients performed 40 home training sessions during a 3-month period, 3-4 sessions weekly. Each training session lasted approximately 30 minutes. The patients returned to the clinic for a follow-up vision exam at mid (6 weeks) and post-treatment (12 weeks). Patients are trained monocularly with their habitual eyewear.




result table

Average Improvement Summary:


  • Distance BCVA improvement: 2.8 lines LogMAR
  • Near BCVA improvement: 1.7 lines LogMAR
  • CSV improvement: 238% F.A.C.T sine wave


Subjectively, patients reported a significant improvement in vision, including near and distance vision, night vision, and a reduction of glare.




This case report demonstrates the successful use of the RevitalVision program in improving vision in three patients with keratoconus. All three patients experienced substantial improvements in visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and subjective visual functions. These findings highlight the potential benefits of this program in improving vision and quality of life for keratoconus patients beyond current eye treatments.


Further research and larger randomized controlled studies are needed to validate the efficacy of RevitalVision in stable keratoconus patients.






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