Light sensitivity after cataract surgery

December 21, 2020

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Light sensitivity after cataract surgery is a common side effect and is considered quite normal as long as it lasts for only several days.Cataract surgery is a common and safe procedure with a success rate of 98 percent or higher

Photophobia (light sensitivity) may occur as a result of the clear implanted lens which allows more light into the eye in comparison to the cloudy lens which blocked some of the light coming into the eye before surgery. Light sensitivity after cataract surgery is more common especially among patients with light-colored irises.
The easiest way to cope with photophobia after surgery is by wearing sunglasses, this symptom should disappear within a few days.
Prolonged light sensitivity after cataract surgery may be a symptom of other underlying issues. Some of which include:
Iritis (inflammation of the iris), dry eye, Blepharitis.
If all eye conditions are ruled out by the doctor, wearing sunglasses and a wide rimmed hat will be the way to cope with this issue which might take up to a few months to disappear.
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