Stargardt eye disease

April 29, 2018

Stargardt is an inherited disease which influences the retina.

Stargardt disease causes vision loss during childhood, adolescence and in some forms, vision loss may be noticed only later in adulthood. Usually, vision loss progresses slowly over time to 20/200 or worse.

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Stargardt disease is also known as Stargardt macular dystrophy, juvenile macular degeneration, or fundus flavimaculatus.

Symptom include slow loss of central vision in both eyes. People with Stargardt disease might notice gray or hazy spots in the center of their vision, or difficulty adjusting when moving from light to dark environments. Eyes may be more sensitive to bright light. Some people might develop color blindness later in the progression of the disease. In addition, Stargardt disease can have a significant emotional impact.

Stargardt is diagnosed by the following tests: Visual field testing, Color Testing, fundus photo Electroretinography (ERG), Optical coherence tomography (OCT).

Currently there is no treatment for Stargardt disease. People who suffer from the disease are encouraged to wear dark glasses and hats when out in bright light. Cigarette smoking, second-hand smoke and high dose vitamin A supplements should be avoided.

Low vision aids can be helpful for many daily tasks, aids such as simple hand-held lenses to more sophisticated electronic devices.

Many researches are taking place in order to explore the biology and genetics of Stargardt disease, and much research is done in the field of gene therapy and stem cell-based therapies.

RevitalVision eye exercises offers a treatment in which the brain is trained to see better. Specific stimulations (Gabor patches) stimulate specific areas in the brain so that it can maximize its efficiency from the information received from the eye.

More than 85% of patients who were candidates for this treatment and completed its course improved their visual acuity by 2.5 rows and showed 100% improvement in their contrast sensitivity.

RevitalVision is a clinically proven treatment that can improve vision in people with poor vision due to various eye diseases such as Staragrdt.

Learn more about RevitalVision treatment for stargardt.

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stargardt eye disease


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