Stargardt’s Disease Treatment

As we all know, unfortunately, there is no proven Stargardt’s disease treatment. Scientists around the world are leading clinical trials whose goal is to look into new possible treatments for this disease.

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There are two genes that are responsible for the creation of proteins that are present in the retina’s light-sensing cells. Mutation of these genes result in the accumulation of protein in the retina cells leading to cell death, affecting vision, and eventually leading to severe vision loss with no treatment.

One of the main fields that are currently being researched in Stargardt’s disease is gene therapy.
Gene therapy Stargardt disease treatment introduces a virus that triggers a formation of a protein that may replace the defective protein accumulating in the retina.
The central vision area of the retina is called Macula. The development of Stargardts is when the central area of the retina deteriorates. Since the macula is responsible for the eye’s central vision as the disease develops, it can affect the person’s ability to read, recognize colors, drive, or observe details.

RevitalVision is a software program that consists of 30 exercises, done at home at your own convenience. The program improves visual acuity in addition to depth perception with no surgical interference. The RevitalVision program is fitted individually for each patient. Once the vision improvement is achieved, the use of additional vision aids has a larger positive effect on vision.

RevitalVision is clinically and scientifically proven and has the approval of the FDA.

Learn more about RevitalVision Program for low vision and eye diseases.

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