Treatment for nystagmus

January 22, 2021

Treatment for nystagmus

Treatment for nystagmus is important especially in young children in order to maintain normal development, physically, emotionally, and in many other different aspects of a child’s life.

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Treatment for nystagmus includes refractive error correction and Lazy eye therapy, if needed. If a head turn is present and bothersome, surgical treatments are available. Prisms prescribed for both eyes can correct head positioning as well as additional prisms which may be used post-surgery in order to correct abnormal head position if still manifest after surgery. Treatment for nystagmus may include pharmacological treatment, though please note that Treatment for nystagmus is not required for asymptomatic eye movements which are not associated with decreased visual acuity or lazy eye.

Another important aspect of treatment for nystagmus in children, consists of encouragement in learning since these children may adopt unconventional reading positions due to the abnormal head position and eye movements.

Recent studies showed that children with Congenital nystagmus learn to read much quicker if they are allowed to position their book however they prefer.  Convergence of the eyes dampens the nystagmus, which allows the child to fixate longer on the words while reading and achieve better results.

Although nystagmus may affect the child’s access to learning, it does not affect the intellect and children can, with support, reach full potential in school and in sports.

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